Love is not a relationship but can make it more beautiful. Relationships are made by the resonance and attraction of energies arising between people. Relationships can be also based on the idea of mutual possession. Love is simply love as such, there is no such thing as love for someone.

A happy man in a pub is closer to God than an unhappy one in a church.

Humiliating others is arrogance. Never letting anyone humiliate oneself is dignity.

Having found in life what they adore, people begin to value their time.

It’s important to distinguish judgment from teaching. In both cases mistakes are pointed out, but the message and energy are different.

There are people to whom there’s nothing to speak about. There are people who are only good for speaking to. Both kinds of people cannot give you the sense of fullness of relationships.

Listening to what someone says makes sense if you like the way he keeps silent.

What do most people do when they see you won’t dance to their tune? They take a violin to play!

Politics and society are both within and without. Once you’ve known how politics and society work inside yourself, you’ll see how you should deal with them outside yourself.

A compromise from fear is weakness. A compromise from self-profit is greed. A compromise from compassion is Love. A compromise from understanding is Wisdom.