The Source does not register, but manifests as the registering Observer, the Observed and the Observation simultaneously. When you embrace in your perception all the three aspects at once, the uniform nature of their Original Source will be revealed to you through a mystery.

In young age there is no enthusiasm, in mature age there is no time, in old age there is no energy. That’s how an opportunity to know the Truth is missed out.

It’s no books and life experience that play a crucial role in knowing the self.  It’s moments of inner silence along with the deep aspiration for Truth that matter.

The whole is always bigger than any part of it. Remember your Self!

An insight into Truth is a realisation of the sameness with it.

If you had to choose between the poverty and wealth, choose the wealth. If you had to choose between the wealth and Love, choose Love. If you had to choose between the safety and Freedom, choose Freedom. If you had to choose between the relationships and search for Truth, choose the Search. If you had to choose between the religion and Truth, go for the Truth.

The Source Itself is beyond perception, but when Consciousness is not absorbed in forms, while aspiring to the Source, That is revealing Itself. You will recognise That by becoming just the same, which is the only way of knowing That. You Are That. There are no two I’s, so that one of them could seek and find the other.

You are not a human experiencing the Universe. You are Consciousness experiencing a human.

The teaching doesn’t belong to anyone, be it Jesus, Buddha or Osho. They were simply those who had realised the teaching and tried to express it in accordance with the zeitgeist and culture of their environment, with their individual features.

There cannot be two. Either god is, then who are you? Or you are, then who is god?