No matter how you travel, you can only move in two main directions: from yourself or towards yourself.

Sooner or later, you get sick and tired of all kinds of philosophy and experience. Had you been fully satisfied with anything less than the God, you would have never embarked on the true search.

Love towards the World becomes compassion. Love towards oneself becomes ecstasy. Love towards the Source becomes praying

In your search it all depends on what you seek: reality or realty, real self or real estate.

A pure prayer is devoid of any words, names and images of God, devoid of the sense of time and prospect. It’s the Life, aspiring to its Source.

Rather do and err than philosophise and do nothing.

Devotion is the highest dimension of a disciple in the form of a prayer for the Absolute. It cannot be faked.

One often hears that it is important to love oneself. And what does that mean? Loving means comprehending, striving to understand, going deep into what is loved. Therefore, a genuine love for oneself always brings about a study of oneself.

A personality is incapable of comprehending the Teaching as the Teaching will have to destroy the personality. So it’s Consciousness that does the study.

Achieving the self-sufficient level of seeking without the help of others is impossible for 99% of people. Given the Three Jewels of the Teacher, Teaching and Disciple, nothing else is needed to set the seeking in motion. A stool can stand on three legs, and never on one or two legs.