The practise is playing with attention and perception. You don’t create reality but unveil it.

The practise is your heart’s movement. An initiation into the practise is not technology transfer, but the Master’s proficiency in making you fall in love with this process.

If you don’t know the Laws of the universe, you’ll live a heavier life. If you don’t comprehend who you are, you’ll live a more miserable life. That’s why it’s essential to research into both yourself and the Creation.

The practise is not supposed to remove all objects, it is supposed to dissolve the illusion.

Those incapable of transferring Knowledge say that nothing can be taught. This idea is easily adopted by those reluctant or unable to learn. It gives rise to a class of inert, unskilful and inept to grow and evolve people that produce nothing but the nihilism philosophy

Practising is like an antibiotic for viral programmes. Meditation deprogrammes the mind. As long as the virus isn’t deactivated, practising is necessary.

Master these two arts on the spiritual path: The art of creating an auspicious space and conditions for practise. The art of practising in any space and conditions.

A personality cannot practise because a personality is a shadow. Find what is casting the shadow, what is originating intentions.

If one feels nothing sacred in one’s life, only craving for material objects, it’s Atheism. If one feels the sacredness as something remote and aspires to it, it’s Prayer. If one feels the sacredness within one’s potential and strives to unfold it, it’s Meditation.

One has to work hard to discover genuine naturalness. Living on autopilot isn’t natural, it’s just mechanical.