Meditation is an investigation into the nature of the Mind with God’s eyes. Philosophy is an investigation into God's nature through the prism of the Mind.

Meditation is the ability to remain present and undetermined by perceived phenomena while addressing the Source of this feeling.

I like Zen because it beats the cheap esoteric arrogance out of people very quickly.

Northern peoples distinguish dozens of kinds of snow, Zen people distinguish dozens of shades of silence.

In meditation you are either Alone or with All. You cannot be somewhere in between.

Most capacious is a wordless presence, less capacious are words without presence.

Meditation is the ability to prevent deprivation of the present peace by the future uncertainty.

The hollow and choiceless aspects of meditation are generally known, but very few are aware of the selective function of an intelligent meditative energy.

The goal of meditation is to be in Peace and to know Oneself.

Losing one’s personality in observation is easy, try to refrain from creating it in activity!