If your energy does not suffice to embark on wholesome deeds worth doing, start off with checking and rejecting unwholesome deeds, thus freeing up the energy required for your creativity.

If a stream of subtle energies was galvanised by way of your practise or “by accident”, transforming your body and mind, you would have to collaborate with this power moving on your path of evolution. There’d be no turning back for you to live “like all ordinary humans”, it’s a one way ticket.

At the initial level yoga, wushu and dancing provide a movement from the gross towards the subtle; at the advanced level, a movement from the subtle to the gross; at the top level, it’s stillness in motion and motion in stillness.

As long as Consciousness is embodied, two kinds of needs are possible for it: Energy needs related to body limitations and psychological needs related to forgetting of the Self in a form. In an embodied state, energy needs are unavoidable and lead to pleasure and pain; forgetting of the Self leads to suffering and it is avoidable.

Northern peoples distinguish dozens of kinds of snow, Zen people distinguish dozens of shades of silence.