Ulan-Ude, Pilgrimage trip, 
from 1 to 9 august
Time of the event: from 19:00 1 august to 09:00 9 august

Seminar in Buryatia. Pilgrimage trip to Buddhist datsans and places of power. Visit of Lama Itegelov in Ivolginsky datsan.

The cost of the seminar is 20,000 rubles. without accommodation and meals.

There will be a lot of trips to the surrounding datsans, you need to have an additional amount with you to pay for cars.

Participants of the seminar get to the place and settle on their own.

Sumiran will be staying at the Marusya Hotel at Ulan-Ude,

7 Banzarova str. (there are only 4 rooms in this hotel, they are all already booked).
Look for accommodation near this hotel!

Registration is required for this seminar. Register after buying tickets!  Contact phone: +79601131290 Sumiran