Убуд, Seminar, 
from 17 to 30 september
Time of the event: from 18:00 17 september to 10:00 30 september
Cost: $400 (payment in dollars), flight, accommodation, excursions and meals are not included in the price of the seminar.

Bali, Ubud.

In the program: satsangs, the practice of dza Zen, the body laboratory, excursions to temples and places of power of the island.

Satsangs and meditation will take place in a villa located in the complex “Ubud Heaven Sayan”, where Sumiran will live.


Participants can independently book a villa in the same complex or in any other hotel in Ubud, preferably near the “Ubud Heaven Sayan”.

Pre-registration is required for the seminar!

Contacts : in Russia +79601131290 Sumiran,

in Bali:

Valeria: +79102416658 WhatsApp,
+ 6281339107693 phone number for communication in Bali and telegrams.